Ehrenreich, Ḥayyim Judah ben Kalonymus

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EHRENREICH, ḤAYYIM JUDAH BEN KALONYMUS (1887–1942), Hungarian rabbi. Ehrenreich served as rabbi of Holesov, Moravia; Deva, Transylvania; and Humenne, Slovakia. In this last community, to which he was appointed in 1930, he devoted himself to a study of talmudic literature. Ehrenreich planned a scientific edition of the Babylonian Talmud together with a new commentary of his own, and a similar one of the Jerusalem Talmud, but nothing was published. Immersed in this scholarly activity, he hardly engaged in communal activity, but in 1920 published an important pamphlet Yisrael bein ha-Amim ("Israel Among the Nations") dealing with Jewish survival. His works include Saadiah Gaon's Shelosh Esreh Middot (1922); Sefer ha-Pardes (1924); parts of Sefer Abudarham (1927); Abraham Klausner's Minhagim (1929); and Givat ha-Moreh (1936), sermons. From 1920 he published parts of Seder Rav Amram Ga'on with his own commentary and edited a monthly journal, Oẓar ha-Ḥayyim, from 1924–38. He and his family were killed by the Nazis in Lublin in 1942.


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[Naphtali Ben-Menahem]

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Ehrenreich, Ḥayyim Judah ben Kalonymus

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