Constabilis, St.

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Benedictine abbot; b. Tresino, Lucania, Italy, c. 1060; d. La Cava, Feb. 17, 1124. He was a member of the Gentilcore family; at the age of seven he entered the Abbey of la cava near Salerno under leo of cava. In 1118 he was made coadjutor to Abbot Peter, and on March 4, 1122, he was chosen the fourth abbot of the house, but he died after a rule of only two years. Apparently, he built the town of Castel Abbate and is now venerated as its patron. Many miracles have been attributed to Constabilis; his cult was recognized in 1893.

Feast: Feb. 17.

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Constabilis, St.

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