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A hymn that was historically sung on Tuesdays at Matins in the medieval Divine Office. It has been attributed to Ambrose, but it is missing from the Ambrosian MSS and, therefore, cannot be claimed as his. It is included in a group of 16 hymns ascribed to Gregory the Great, but Gregory's authorship cannot be proved. The verse is iambic dimeter and has three strophes plus doxology, the latter probably added to bring the number of strophes to four as in other hymns with which it is grouped in the MSS. The text of the hymn escaped the reforms of Pope clement viii (1535). The text of the hymn calls upon Christ, the Light and Source of man's light, to dispel the darkness of souls, drive off evil spirits, and remove man's proneness to sloth. The sinner prays also for pardon so that his prayer may win acceptance.

Bibliography: a. s. walpole, ed., Early Latin Hymns (Cambridge, Eng. 1922) 268269.

[m. m. beyenka/eds.]

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