Conspiracy of Silence

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Conspiracy of Silence ★½ 2003

A desperately unbiased Irish drama about the troubles arising from priests required to take the vow of celibacy. Director John Deery is very obviously claiming that these otherwise good men are forced into a life of quiet lust and despair, leading to suicide and disturbing homosexual relations. Although wellacted, Deery's characters are presented in such sharp black or white, good or bad, friend or enemy, that it's kind of like watching a man argue with himself. 84m/C DVD . GB Jason Barry, Brenda Fricker, Hugh Bonneville, John Lynch, Jim Norton, Sean McGinley, James Ellis, Hugh Quarshie, Fintan McKeown, Jonathan Forbes, Catherine Cusack, Catherine Walker, Patrick Casey, Owen McDonnell; Cameos: Gay Byrne; D: John Deery; W: John Deery; C: Jason Lehel; M: Stephen Parsons, Francis Haines.

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Conspiracy of Silence

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