Brudo, Abraham ben Elijah

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BRUDO, ABRAHAM BEN ELIJAH (known also as Abraham Chelebi ; 1625?–1717), Turkish rabbi and preacher. Born in Constantinople, he was appointed rabbi there at an early age. When the Shabbatean movement began to spread, he became one of its adherents. In 1666 he was a signatory to a letter of the rabbis of Constantinople and Smyrna supporting Shabbetai Ẓevi's messianic claims. However, a year later they sent another letter now expressing opposition, but apparently some time later the spark of Shabbateanism was rekindled in him. In 1688 or somewhat later, he served as rabbi and preacher in Adrianople, afterward returning to Constantinople. Following the war between Venice and Turkey (1685–87), in which the Venetians conquered the Peloponnese (Morea), he traveled to raise ransom money for the Jews who had fallen captive. In 1694 he was in Leghorn and from there proceeded to other Italian cities. In 1695 he was in Amsterdam, Germany, and Austria, and in 1696, again in Venice. After this journey he settled in Jerusalem, where he spent his remaining years as chief rabbi. Among his disciples were many Ashkenazim, including Nethanel *Weil. In 1697 Abraham published Birkat Avraham, a book of sermons on Genesis, in the introduction to which he mentions a book he wrote on the Bible. A few of his numerous responsa were published in works of his contemporaries.


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