Bruemmer, Fred

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BRUEMMER, Fred. Canadian (born Latvia), b. 1929. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology, Natural history. Career: Freelance photographer; writer. Recipient of Order of Canada award, 1983. Publications: The Long Hunt, 1969; Seasons of the Eskimo, 1971; Encounters with Arctic Animals, 1972; The Arctic, 1974; The Life of the Harp Seal, 1977; Children of the North, 1979; Summer at Bear River, 1980; The Arctic World, 1985; Arctic Animals, 1986; Seasons of the Seal, 1988. World of the Polar Bear, 1989; Seals (with Eric S. Grace), 1991; The Narwhal, 1993; Arctic Memories: Living with the Inuit, 1993; (with A. Delaunois) Nanook and Nauja: The Polar Bear Cubs, 1995; (with A. Delaunois) Kotik: The Baby Seal, 1995; (with T. Mangelsen) Polar Dance: Born of the North Wind, 1997; Seals in the Wild, 1998; Glimpses of Paradise: The Marvel of Massed Animals, 2002. Address: 2 Strathearn S, Montreal, QC, Canada H4X 1X4.