Blum, Julius

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BLUM, JULIUS (Blum Pasha ; 1843–1919), Austro-Hungarian banker and Egyptian statesman. Blum, who was born in Budapest, worked for the Austrian Creditanstalt fuer Handel und Gewerbe, first in its Trieste branch, and, later, in its affiliate in Egypt. After the bank's liquidation in Egypt, Blum served as undersecretary of finance (1877–90), and was instrumental in the rehabilitation of the country's economy, following the 1875 financial collapse and the British occupation in 1882. In 1890 he resigned his Egyptian post, with high honors, and rejoined the management of the Creditanstalt in Vienna where his knowledge of international finance contributed to making the bank a leading institution in Europe. From 1913 Blum was president of the Creditanstalt.


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[Joachim O. Ronall]