Blum, Mark 1950–

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BLUM, Mark 1950


Born May 14, 1950, in Newark, NJ. Education: Studied drama at the University of Minnesota, the University of Pennsylvania, HB Studio, New York City, Loeb Drama Center, Cambridge, MA, and with Andre Gregory, Aaron Frankel, and Daniel Seltzer.

Career: Actor and producer. National Shakespeare Company, Ulster County Community College, Stone Ridge, NY, stage manager, 1974.

Awards, Honors: Obie Award, Village Voice, 1989, for Gus and Al.


Stage Appearances:

Valentine, Two Gentlemen of Verona, National Shakespeare Company, Ulster County Community College, Stone Ridge, NY, 1974, then Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, 1975.

Cleante, The Miser, National Shakespeare Company, Ulster County Community College, 1974, then Rutgers University, 1975.

(OffBroadway debut) Post office clerk, The Cherry Orchard, Roundabout Theatre, 1976.

Villager, first angel, and man, The World of Sholem Aleichem, Roundabout Theatre, 1976.

Brothers, George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ, 1976.

(Broadway debut) Venetian, The Merchant, Plymouth Theatre, 1977.

Steve, Say Goodnight, Gracie, Playwrights Horizons, Manhattan Main Stage Theatre, New York City, 1978, then Actors Playhouse, New York City, 1979.

Younger son, Table Settings, Playwrights Horizons, then Chelsea Theatre Center, New York City, 1980.

Michael, Key Exchange, Orpheum Theatre, New York City, 1981.

Close Ties, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1981.

The Cherry Orchard, Long Wharf Theatre, 1982.

Iago, Othello, Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, Dallas, TX, 1982.

Johnson, Loving Reno, New York Theatre Studio, AMDA Studio One, New York City, 1983.

Max Whitcomb, An American Comedy, Center Theatre Group, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 19831984.

Lee Baum, The American Clock, Center Theatre Group, Mark Taper Forum, 19831984.

Harry, Wild Oats, Center Theatre Group, Mark Taper Forum, 19831984.

Peter Austin, It's Only a Play, Manhattan Theatre Club, New York City, 1984.

Asher, Messiah, Manhattan Theatre Club, Space at City Center Theatre, 1985.

Ben, Little Footsteps, Playwrights Horizons, 1986.

Ben, The Downside, Long Wharf Theatre, 1987.

Cave of Life, Circle Repertory Theatre, 1988.

Al, Gus and Al, New York City, c. 1989.

Eddie, Lost in Yonkers, Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York City, 1991.

Tom, Laureen's Whereabouts, WPA Theatre, New York City, 1993.

Garn, My Thing of Love, Martin Beck Theatre, New York City, 1995.

Alan Tolkin, Mizlansky/Zilinsky or "Schmucks, " Manhattan Theatre Club Stage I, New York City, 1998.

Howard Fine, The Waverly Gallery, Promenade Theatre, New York City, 2000.

Jensen, Gore Vidal's The Best Man, Virginia Theatre, New York City, 2000.

Leo Herman, A Thousand Clowns, Broadway production, 2001.

Mr. Braddock, The Graduate, Plymouth Theatre, 20022003.

Also appeared in Moby Dick Rehearsed, Mark Taper Forum; Green Julia.

Stage Work:

Assistant stage manager, The Merchant, Plymouth Theatre, New York City, 1977.

Film Appearances:

Intern Murphy, Lovesick, Warner Bros., 1983.

Gary Glass, Desperately Seeking Susan, Orion, 1985.

George Margolin, Just between Friends, Orion, 1986.

Richard Mason, Crocodile Dundee (also known as "Crocodile " Dundee ), Paramount, 1986.

Denny Gordon, Blind Date (also known as Blake Edwards' Blind Date ), TriStar, 1987.

Arthur Peale, The Presidio (also known as The Presidio: The Scene of the Crime ), Paramount, 1988.

Ned Braudy, Worth Winning, 1989.

Ben Winchek, Emma and Elvis (also known as The Last Resort ), 1991.

Peter, Miami Rhapsody, Buena Vista, 1995.

Matthew Greenberg, The Low Life, 1995.

Dr. Brennan, Denise Calls Up, 1995.

Louis, Sudden Manhattan, Phaedra Cinema, 1996.

Edward Cooperberg, You Can Thank Me Later, 1998.

Darrell, Getting to Know You (also known as Getting to Know All about You ), 1999.

The interviewer, Down to You, Miramax, 2000.

Richard Baxter, Zen and the Art of Landscaping, 2000.

Lewis Estridge, Shattered Glass, 2003.

Film Work:

Executive producer, The Low Life, 1995.

Associate producer, Search and Destroy (also known as The Four Rules ), October Films, 1995.

Television Appearances; Series:

Ken Holden, Sweet Surrender, NBC, 1987.

Edison King, Capital News (also known as Powerhouse ), ABC, 1990.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Alan, The Time and the Conways, 1966.

Dr. Howard Zuckerman, Condition Critical (also known as Critical Condition and Final Pulse ), NBC, 1992.

Wayne Satz, Indictment: The McMartin Trial (also known as The Naked Movie Star Games and Nothing But the Truth: The McMartin Story ), HBO, 1995.

Ben Marks, Stag, HBO, 1996.

Jackson, The Defenders: Payback, Showtime, 1997.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Harry Hobbs, The Judge (also known as Steve Martini's The Judge ), NBC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Ray Litertini, Things Are Looking Up, CBS, 1984.

Edison King, Capital News, ABC, 1990.

Chaos Theory, NBC, 1999.

Television Appearances; Specials:

MTV, Give Me Back My Life: A Harvard Lampoon Parody, Comedy Central, 1991.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Dr. Vogel, "Two Balls and a Strike," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1984.

Jack's son, "Contempt of Court," Miami Vice, NBC, 1987.

Mike Summers, "Aliens," Roseanne, ABC, 1992.

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Frank Lazar, "Jurisdiction," Law & Order, NBC, 1993.

Dr. Sachs, "From Hare to Eternity," NYPD Blue, 1993.

Michael Aronson, "Seed," Law & Order, NBC, 1995.

FBI agent Mike Francis, "We Was Robbed," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1995.

Larry Mohr, "What about Larry?," Wings, NBC, 1995.

Ben, "The History of Gil and Rachel," Central Park West, CBS, 1995.

Greg Armstrong, "Face Off," Ink, CBS, 1996.

John, "The 1000th Show," Frasier, NBC, 1997.

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Frank Lazar, "Agony," Law & Order, NBC, 1998.

FBI agent Mike Francis, "Show & Tell," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1999.

Randall Curtin, "Meadowlands," The Sopranos, HBO, 1999.

Rep. Katzenmoyer, "Five Votes Down," The West Wing, NBC, 1999.

Rabbi Jonathan Ahrenthal, "The First Commandment," Deadline, NBC, 2001.

Arnold Bancroft, "Goodbye Sadie," Ed, NBC, 2001.

State's Attorney Michael Scannel, "Evil/Doers," The Practice, ABC, 2002.

Dr. Philip Oliver, "ConText," Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NBC, 2003.

Also appeared as Dr. Vincent, New York Undercover, Fox, 1995; Ben, in "Showgirls," "Behind Your Back," "She Danced Only One Summer," and "Allen Strikes Back," all episodes of Central Park West, CBS.


Taped Readings:

Found Money by James Grippando, HarperAudio, 1999.