Blum, Jerome

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BLUM, JEROME (1913– ), U.S. historian. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Blum was associated with Princeton University from 1947, becoming professor of history in 1961. His main research was into agrarian structures and society in central and Eastern Europe. His Lord and Peasant in Russia, from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century (1961) became the standard English work on the subject. Other books by Blum include Noble Landowners and Agriculture in Austria: 1815–1848 (1948), The Emergence of the European World (1966), The European World since 1815: Triumph and Transition (1970), The End of the Old Order in Rural Europe (1978), Our Forgotten Past: Seven Centuries of Life on the Land (1982), and In the Beginning: The Advent of the Modern Age: Europe in the 1840s (1994).

[Ruth Beloff (2nd ed.)]