Blau, Bruno

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BLAU, BRUNO (1881–1954), German lawyer and sociologist. Born in West Prussia, Blau practiced law in Berlin. In 1908 he joined A. *Ruppin as editor, and from 1909 was the sole editor, of the Zeitschrift fuer Demographie und Statistik der Juden (1904–19; new series 1924–27), published by the Buero fuer Statistik der Juden, of which Blau became director after Ruppin left for Palestine in 1907. Because of his severe illness, the Nazis did not deport him during World War ii but kept him confined in the police section of the Berlin Jewish Hospital. Blau immigrated to the United States after the war, but returned to Germany before his death. Among Blau's many published works are Kriminalitaet der deutschen Juden (1906) and Das Ende der Juden in Deutschland (1950; Last Days of German Jewry, 1953). He also edited the anthology Statistik der Juden (1918). Of particular importance is his work on anti-Jewish Nazi legislation and administrative orders, Ausnahmerecht fuer die Juden in den europaeischen Laendern (vol. 1, 1952), which is a collection of documents from Germany and was reprinted as Ausnahmerecht fuer die Juden in Deutsch-land, 19331945 (1954).