Al-Madari (Al-Mudari, Al-Mundari, El-Modari), Judah Ha-Kohen ben Eleazar (Eliezer?) He-Ḥasid

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AL-MADARI (Al-Mudari, Al-Mundari, El-Modari), JUDAH HA-KOHEN BEN ELEAZAR (Eliezer?) HE-ḤASID

AL-MADARI (Al-Mudari, Al-Mundari, El-Modari ), JUDAH HA-KOHEN BEN ELEAZAR (Eliezer? ) HE-ḤASID (13th–14th century), talmudic scholar of Aleppo. Al-Madari compiled a commentary to the code of Isaac *Alfasi, part of which is no longer extant. Though he was commenting on Alfasi, he based his book on Rashi's commentary and also cited Maimonides and other later scholars. It is probable that the novellae to the Talmud quoted in his name by various authorities are in reality quotations from his commentary on Alfasi and are not from separate compilations. His commentaries on tractates Yevamot, Ketubbot, Gittin, Kiddushin, Sanhedrin, and Avodah Zarah were printed in the 1962 edition of the Talmud published in Jerusalem (Pardess, El Hamekoroth). His commentaries to Pesaḥim and Megillah were seen by Ḥ.J.D. Azulai.


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[Abraham Hirsch Rabinowitz]