Adalbero of Augsburg, Bl.

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Bishop; d. April 28, 909. He was highly regarded for his great erudition and his proficiency in liturgical chant, and through his zeal for regular observance the Abbey of lorsch became a model of monastic discipline under his guidance. He was instrumental in obtaining royal favors for the monastery of sankt gallen, with which he maintained close spiritual ties. Little is known of his activity while bishop of Augsburg from 887 to 909. regino of prÜm sent his Chronicon (Monumenta Germaniae Scriptores 1:543612) to Adalbero for approval and correction where such might seem necessary to the bishop. This prominent churchman supervised the education of Louis the Child (d. 911), the last of the carolingian dynasty to rule in Germany, and was his trusted adviser and loyal supporter. The tomb of Adalbero is in the church of St. Afra in Augsburg.

Feast: Oct. 9.

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