Adam & Steve

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Adam & Steve ★★ 2005

Contrived but generally amusing gay romance begins in 1987 when shy goth boy Adam (writer/director Chester) meets glittery party boy Steve (Gets) and their trick turns into disaster. They meet cute 17 years later, don't recognize each other, and start a romance fraught with individual neuroses that stem from that fateful night. Each man also comes complete with the prerequisite straight best friend: for Adam, it's former-fatty turned skinny comic Rhonda (Posey) and for Steve it's caustic roommate Michael (Kattan). A couple of musical fantasy sequences provide some unexpected distraction. 99m/C DVD . US Craig Chester, Malcolm Gets, Parker Posey, Chris Kattan, Sally Kirkland, Noah Segan; D: Craig Chester; W: Craig Chester; C: Carl F. Bartels; M: Roddy Bottum.