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ABUDARHAM (Heb. אבודרהם; also Abudarhan, Abudarhen, Abudaram, Abudaran ; Ar. "father of coins" meaning "the rich man"), Spanish family. david ben solomon abudarham constructed in the 13th century the synagogue of Almaliquin in Toledo, apparently identical with the Abudarham synagogue destroyed in the riots of 1391. He was probably the grandfather of the liturgical scholar David b. Joseph *Abudarham. Another david abudarham in the same period was a tax farmer in Toledo: when tax assessment was assigned to the Jewish communities of Castile in 1290, it was decided that in case of dispute David was to render final decision. After the expulsion from Spain in 1492 the family was scattered throughout Italy and North Africa. moses and isaac abudarham gave hospitality to David *Reuveni in Rome in 1524. judah abudarham, a fugitive from the Inquisition, became purveyor to the Portuguese in Agadir. After 1541 the family settled in Tetuan where it long provided the community with spiritual and political leaders. Another judah abudarham was among the founders of the Gibraltar community; one of the Gibraltar synagogues, founded in 1820, still bears the family name. A third judah abudarham represented France in Tetuan for 30 years.


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