Abulafia, Isaac

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ABULAFIA, ISAAC (d. 1764), talmudist and emissary for Ereẓ Israel. Abulafia was the son of Ḥayyim ben Moses (?) Abulafia. He immigrated with his father to Tiberias in 1740. Active in the rebuilding of Tiberias, he went in 1743 as an emissary for this purpose to Damascus and probably to other places as well. He was appointed by his father to succeed him as rabbi and as leader of the community of Tiberias, and held these offices for 20 years. In 1764 he was appointed by the leaders of the Jerusalem community as a member of a delegation that went to Constantinople to have Raḥamim ha-Kohen removed from office as representative of "Pekidei Ereẓ Israel be-Kushta" ("The Representatives of the Land of Israel in Constantinople"). On hearing that Raḥamim had already been officially appointed, some of the delegates thought it useless to proceed with the journey. Isaac, however, went to Constantinople and argued the case before Jacob Zonana, head of the "Pekidei Ereẓ Israel," but Zonana justified the appointment. Isaac was the author of Paḥad Yiẓḥak (Moscow Ms. Guenzburg, 29), a comprehensive commentary on the Sefer Yere'im of *Eliezer b. Samuel of Metz. One of his responsa was published in the Neḥpeh be-Khesef (1768) of Jonah Navon (pt. 1, Ḥm, 81a).


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