Abukara, Abraham ben Moses

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ABUKARA, ABRAHAM BEN MOSES (d. 1879), Tunisian rabbi. Abukara was probably the grandson of Abraham Abukara (d. 1817), one of the scholars of Tunis, who in 1803 signed a regulation introducing uniformity in various religious practices. A profound scholar, Abraham wrote a commentary and novellae on the Shulḥan Arukh, Yoreh De'ah, in four parts. The first part, Beit ha-Safek (on the laws in case of "doubt"), was published by his relative Jacob b. Elijah Abukara, who added an introduction under the title Ben Avraham (Leghorn, 1882). The other parts were lost. Jacob also published the Issur ve-Hetter of *Jeroham b. Meshullam from a manuscript in the collection of Abraham, together with Ben Avraham.


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Abukara, Abraham ben Moses

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