Abraham Dov Baer of Ovruch

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ABRAHAM DOV BAER OF OVRUCH (d. 1840), rabbi and ḥasidic leader in the Ukraine. Abraham succeeded his father David as rabbi of Khmelnik. He subsequently became rabbi in Ovruch and Zhitomir. He was a devoted disciple of Nahum of Chernobyl, and after Nahum's death kept in contact with his son Mordecai. Abraham Dov went to Ereẓ Israel in 1831, settling in Safed, where he became leader of the Ḥasidim. During the calamities which struck Safed at that time, caused by Druze attacks and an earthquake, Abraham organized relief and encouraged the people to remain. His teachings are recorded in his book Bat Avin (Jerusalem, 1847).

[Adin Steinsaltz]

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Abraham Dov Baer of Ovruch

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