Abraham ben N… Ha-Baghdadi

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ABRAHAM BEN N… HA-BAGHDADI (10th century), communal leader in Babylonia. Information on Abraham is to be found in the poems of praise dedicated to him by one Abraham ha-Kohen, who seems to have been his secretary. He held a military command under the caliph and was a protector of the Jewish community. The reopening of the yeshivah of *Sura about 988 is attributed to him. He also maintained friendly relations with *Hai Gaon. There is reason to believe that Abraham ha-Baghdadi was a member of the *Netira family; he was possibly the son of Netira ii and the grandson of Sahl, who was the son of Netira i. One of his sons was named Sahl, probably after his great-grandfather.


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Abraham ben N… Ha-Baghdadi

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