Abraham ben Israel of Brody

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ABRAHAM BEN ISRAEL OF BRODY (1749–1836), Italian kabbalist. He resided in Leghorn and Trieste but finally settled in Ferrara where he remained 30 years. He was known as an ascetic who frequently fasted an entire week and studied six days and nights consecutively. He would purchase rabbinic works and distribute them to needy scholars. It was believed in Ferrara that his profound piety more than once saved the Jewish community from disaster. Among his publications are Likkutei Amarim ("Gleanings," Zolkiev, 1802), which include a commentary on the Pirkei Shirah and extracts from kabbalistic works, and Devar ha-Melekh (Leghorn, 1805–08) on the 613 commandments.


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[Nathan Michael Gelber]

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Abraham ben Israel of Brody

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