Abraham of Clermont, St.

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Hermit, abbot; d. c. 474481. Abraham was of Persian origins. During the Sassanian persecution of Christians he was imprisoned, regained his freedom, and fled to the West. According to the Vita patrum, ch. three, of gregory of tours (MGSrerMer 1:672), who seems to have confused him with the Biblical patriarch, Abraham sojourned among the Anchorites in Egypt before arriving in Auvergne. There he lived a hermit's life near Clermont. His reputation for sanctity attracted a number of disciples, and his hermitage became the nucleus of a monastery dedicated to St. Cyriacus with Abraham as abbot. sidonius apollinaris composed his epitaph (Epist. 7.17; MGAucAnt 8:123). Abraham was invoked for the cure of fever.

Feast: June 15 (Diocese of Clermont).

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Abraham of Clermont, St.

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