Order of Ethiopia

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Order of Ethiopia. A semi-independent, mainly Xhosa, section within the Anglican Church in S. Africa. James M. Dwane (1851–1916), an ordained Methodist minister, seceded in 1894 to the Ethiopian Church (see ETHIOPIANISM) and drew this Church into the orbit of the black African Methodist Episcopal Church in the USA, through which he became ordained as ‘vicar-bishop’. He was ordained deacon in 1900 and priest in 1909. The Order retained a peculiar extra-parochial position, with its own synod and finance, and a provincial, but no bishop. Periodic negotiations failed to find a solution until 1983, when Siggibo Dwana, principal of an Anglican theological college, was consecrated as bishop, and he and the Order, now with some 50,000 members, have full diocesan rights within the Church.