Curtis, George T. (1812–1894)

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CURTIS, GEORGE T. (1812–1894)

A leading Boston attorney, George Ticknor Curtis ordered the rendition to slavery of Thomas Sims in 1852 while serving as a Fugitive Slave Law Commissioner. (See sims ' case.) In 1856 he represented Dred Scott before the United States Supreme Court in dred scott v. sandford. Curtis wrote numerous legal treatises, three political biographies, and a two-volume History of the Origin, Formation, and Adoption of the Constitution (1854–1858)—revised as Constitutional History of the United States (1889–1896). This work presents a classic Federalist-Whig interpretation of American political and constitutional history. It was begun at the suggestion of daniel webster and reflects the senator's approach to the Constitution and the Union.

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Curtis, George T. (1812–1894)

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