Curtis's Charm

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Curtis's Charm ★½ 1996

Thanks to his drug paranoia, crack addict Curtis (Wint) believes his wife Cookie (Crawford) and mother-in-law (Barnes-Hopkins) have put a voodoo spell on him. His friend Jim (Callum Rennie), a former addict, tries to help Curtis by coming up with some magic of his own, intended to convince the addled druggie that it will protect him. Lots of narration does little to make the character's friendship convincing. Based on a short story by Jim Carroll. 74m/B VHS . CA Maurice Dean Wint, Callum Keith Rennie, Rachael Crawford, Barbara Barnes-Hopkins; D: John L'Ecuyer; W: James Dennis (Jim) Carroll, John L'Ecuyer; C: Harald Bachmann; M: Mark Korven. Genie '96: Score.