Mogannam, Mogannam Ilyas

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Palestinian Christian lawyer and political activist. Raised in Jerusalem, he immigrated to the United States before World War I and studied law. Some time in the early 1920s he married Matiel Mogannam and returned with her to Jerusalem (and in 1938 to Ramallah). Mogannam practiced law and was a founding member and officer of the National Defense Party, a conservative nationalist group favoring compromise with the Zionists and the British, supported by middle-class elites and associated with the Nashashibi family (in opposition to the Palestine Arab Party, equally conservative but opposed to compromise, associated with the rival Husayni family). As a law student, Ahmad Shuqayri, the first head of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), worked in Mogannam's office. The National Defense Party was defunct by 1941, and Mogannam died in 1945.

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