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Welsh pony, breed of small horse of European origin. First bred primarily in Saxony, it later became localized in Wales. Although the breed is of ancient type, it presently bears traces of the Arabian horse and shows influences of the Thoroughbred horse. It is a popular children's pony and has been used extensively for light labor, especially in the harness, having trotting tendencies similar to those of the Standardbred horse. The Welsh pony is taller than the Shetland pony, averaging just over 12 hands (48 in./120 cm). It is usually of solid color, with grays, whites, and chestnuts predominating.

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Welsh pony Light saddle-horse of a breed known in Wales since Saxon times. It has a short, muscular body and great endurance. Its coat may be grey, bay, chestnut or black. Height: to 1.2m (48in) at the shoulder; weight: to c.225kg (500lb).