Welsch, Johann Maximilian von

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Welsch, Johann Maximilian von (1671–1745). German architect and military engineer. In the service (from 1704) of Lothar Franz, Graf von Schönborn (1655–1729), Prince-Bishop of Bamberg and Elector of Mainz, he contributed to the flowering of Baroque architecture in Franconia. With Neumann, von Hildebrandt, and others, he was involved in the planning of Schloss Weissenstein, Pommersfelden (1711–18), the Palace at Bruchsal (1720–52), and the Residenz (Seat of the Court) in Würzburg (1719–79). He designed numerous gardens, garden-buildings, and small houses for the German nobility. Among his other works were the Schönborn Mortuary Chapel, Würzburg Cathedral (1720–1), the Court Chapel, the Residenz, Würzburg (1720–3), and the Abteikirche (Abbey Church), Amorbach (1742–7), all of which had major contributions from others.


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