Reinhold Moritzovich Gliere

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Glière Reinhold (Moritsovich) [ Reinhold Glier] (b Kiev, 1875; d Moscow, 1956). Russ. composer and conductor. Dir. and prof. of comp., Kiev Cons. 1913–20, then taught at Moscow Cons. His ballet The Red Poppy was one of first ‘social realism’ works of Soviet régime. The conservative-nationalist nature of his idiom was much to liking of official party arbiters of taste. Works included 3 syms.; 4 str. qts.; March of the Red Army, wind instrs. (1924); operas Shakh Senem (1923–5) and Rachel (1943); ballets The Red Poppy (1926–7, rev. 1949) and The Bronze Horseman (1948–9); hp. conc. (1938); vc. conc. (1945–6); 123 songs; 175 pf. pieces; and much chamber mus.