Breton, Gilles Le

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Breton, Gilles Le (d. 1553). Master-mason in charge of François Ier's works at Fontainebleau. Surviving designs at Fontainebleau include the Porte Dorée, with superimposed loggie (1528–40), the entrance to the Cour Ovale (from c.1531—also with a portico and staircase by Le Breton), and the north side of the Cour du Cheval-Blanc. His relatively straightforward Renaissance Classicism was influenced by Serlio, and in turn was a precedent for the work of Lescot.


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Le Breton, Gilles

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Le Breton, Gilles (d. 1553). See Breton.

Gilles le Breton

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Gilles le Breton (d. 1553). See Breton.

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Gilles Le Breton

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