Giller, Marc D. 1968–

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Giller, Marc D. 1968–

(Marc Daniel Giller)


Born 1968; married; children: two. Education: Texas A & M University, B.S.


Home—FL. Agent—Kimberley Cameron, Reece Halsey North, 98 Main St., #704, Tiburon, CA 94920.


Writer. Information systems manager for a Florida law firm. Previously worked as a photographer, producer, and computer trainer.


Hammerjack: A Novel, Bantam Books (New York, NY), 2005.

Prodigal: A Novel, Bantam Books (New York, NY), 2006.


Marc D. Giller's first science fiction work, Hammerjack: A Novel, features Cray Alden, a former "superhacker" of computers. Such hackers are nicknamed "hammerjacks." Cray has gone straight and now works as an investigator for Corporate Special Services tracking down hackers. He comes upon a scheme to take over the Earth via a dominating biological supercomputer. Carl Hays, writing in Booklist, referred to Hammerjack as "a winning blend of crime novel motifs and computer technology." Writing on, Rob H. Bedford noted that the author "has crafted an impressive novel, one that should appeal to the same people enjoying Richard K. Morgan's novels as well as readers looking for something fast paced with a healthy injection of technological evolution."

Prodigal: A Novel is a sequel to Hammerjack and features another former hammerjack, or computer hacker. Lea Prism, who appears in Hammerjack, finds herself battling the same cult she previously encountered. The cult's goal is to use human flesh as a computer substrate as part of its efforts to overthrow a multinational corporation and world power known as the Collective. In the course of her investigation, Lea has the opportunity to wreak revenge on the people who put her lover, Cray Alden, in frozen hibernation in cyberspace. In a review in Booklist, Carl Hays noted that the author "proves exceptional at keeping the reader entertained with heady technological extrapolation and full-throttle action." Writing on the Yet Another Book Review Web site, Shaun Green commented that the author's "take on classic cyberpunk concepts have a delicious edge of authenticity."



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Giller, Marc D. 1968–

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