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loggia (pl. loggie).
1. Roofed structure, open on at least one side, essentially a gallery, an arcade, or colonnade, affording a protected seating-place with a view, common in Italy, and often with architectural pretensions. It is usually part of a building, and subsidiary to the whole, although there are some loggie that have immense scale and overwhelming presence, such as the Sala Terrena, Valdštejn Gardens, Prague (C17).

2. Lodge, in the sense of a building in a park.


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log·gia / ˈlōj(ē)ə; ˈlô-/ • n. a gallery or room with one or more open sides, esp. one that forms part of a house and has one side open to the garden. ∎  an open-sided extension to a house.


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loggia open gallery or arcade. XVII. — It.; see LODGE.