Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics

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A very detailed account of main developments of logic will be found in Logic, History of . Brief explanations of many of the terms commonly used by logicians will be found in Logical Terms, Glossary of . The Encyclopedia also features the following articles dealing with questions in logic and the foundations of mathematics: Artificial and Natural Languages ; Combinatory Logic ; Computability Theory ; Computing Machines ; Decision Theory ; Definition ; Existence ; Fallacies ; Geometry ; Gödel's Theorem ; Identity ; Infinity in Mathematics and Logic ; Laws of Thought ; Logical Paradoxes ; Logic Diagrams ; Logic Machines ; Many-Valued Logics ; Mathematics, Foundations of ; Modal Logic ; Negation ; Number ; Questions ; Semantics ; Set Theory ; Subject and Predicate ; Synonymity ; Syntactical and Semantical Categories ; Types, Theory of ; and Vagueness . See "Logic" and "Mathematics, Foundations of," in the index for entries on thinkers who have made contributions in this area.

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Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics

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