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Loggerheads ★★★ 2005

Families and the ties that bind. Drifter Mark (Pardue) heads to Kure Beach, North Carolina to help rescue the endangered loggerhead turtle. Mark ran away from his adoptive parents, well-meaning religious conservatives Robert (Sarandon) and Elizabeth (Harper), when they learned he was gay. Also living in NC is Mark's birth mother, Grace (Hunt), who's recovering from a breakdown and has decided to find the baby she gave up as a teenager. Meanwhile, Mark is bonding with gentle George (Kelly), whose male lover has died. More enjoyable for fans of the sincere and sentimental, it's well worth a look, especially for the strong performances of Harper and Hunt. 93m/C DVD . US Bonnie Hunt, Kip Pardue, Tess Harper, Chris Sarandon, Michael Learned, Michael Kelly, Robin Weigert; D: Tim Kirkman; W: Tim Kirkman; C: Oliver Bokelberg; M: Mark Geary.