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rogerbadger, cadger •Alger, neuralgia •ganja, grandeur, phalanger •charger, enlarger, maharaja, raja •slàinte • turbocharger •dredger, edger, hedger, ledger, pledger, St Leger •avenger, revenger •gauger, golden-ager, major, old-stager, pager, rampager, sergeant major, stager, wager •arranger, changer, danger, endanger, exchanger, Grainger, hydrangea, manger, ranger, stranger •moneychanger • teenager •bushranger •besieger, paraplegia, procedure •abridger •cringer, ginger, impinger, infringer, injure, ninja, whinger, winger •dowager • voyager • harbinger •bondager • wharfinger • packager •Scaliger •challenger, Salinger •pillager, villager •armiger • scrimmager •rummager, scrummager •manager • derringer • forager •porringer • encourager •Massinger, passenger •presager • messenger • Kissinger •integer, vintager •cottager • frontager • ravager •salvager • scavenger •Elijah, Niger, obliger •codger, dodger, lodger, roger, todger •forger, Georgia, gorger •gouger •lounger, scrounger •sunlounger • soldier •Abuja, puja

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Roger (c.1065–1139). Bishop of Salisbury. Roger joined the future Henry I's entourage in the 1090s and rose rapidly after Henry seized the English throne in 1100, becoming bishop of Salisbury in 1102. His role was to preside over the administration of the king's English finance and justice. In particular he was closely associated with the development of the accounting techniques of the Exchequer, which was first referred to in 1109. He was the chief of a small administrative group who supported members of Henry's family, such as Queen Matilda, when they acted as regents during Henry's lengthy absences in Normandy, and who operated as itinerant royal justices. Roger was himself regent 1123–6. He remained in office after Henry's death, but in 1139 incurred King Stephen's distrust for reasons which are not entirely clear, and was arrested and deprived of his power.

David Richard Bates

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rog·er / ˈräjər/ • interj. your message has been received and understood (used in radio communication): “Roger; we'll be with you in about ten minutes.” ∎ inf. used to express assent or understanding: “Go light the stove.” “Roger, Mister Bossman,” Frank replied.

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Roger (Schutz), Brother (founder of Christian community): see TAIZÉ.

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