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Edinburgh, Philip, duke of (b. 1921). The duke of Edinburgh is the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, and nephew of Earl Mountbatten, who was killed in 1979. His grandmother, Victoria of Hesse, was the daughter of Alice, Queen Victoria's second daughter, and married Louis of Battenberg. Prince Louis was first sea lord at the outbreak of the First World War but forced to resign by the clamour against Germans: in 1917, when the royal family adopted the name of Windsor, Prince Louis took the name of Mountbatten and was created marquis of Milford Haven. His daughter married Prince Andrew. After school at Gordonstoun, Prince Philip entered the navy in 1938, served throughout the Second World War, and was mentioned in dispatches at Cape Matapan. His family connections, particularly through his uncle Louis Mountbatten, brought him into contact with the royal family, and his engagement to Princess Elizabeth was announced in June 1947. Before the marriage in November, he was given the Garter and a dukedom. Since 1952 Prince Philip has filled the difficult role of royal consort. Of the many societies and causes with which he is associated, the duke of Edinburgh's scheme for young people (1956) and his concern for the protection of wild life rank high. He retains much of the briskness and forthrightness of his early naval career.

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Philip, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh

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Philip, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh (1921– ) Husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and Prince Consort. He was born in Corfu, the son of Prince Andrew of Greece, and educated in Britain. He became a naturalized British citizen and took the surname Mountbatten. In 1947 he married Elizabeth after becoming the Duke of Edinburgh. He was created a Prince in 1957.

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