Prince, Bart

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Prince, Bart (1947– ). American architect. From 1970 he worked with Goff, imbibing the lat-ter's strong feeling for natural forms, and established his own office in 1973. An exponent of Organic architecture (in the sense of responding to the natural features of the site, and using sympathetic materials), he completed Goff's Japanese Pavilion, Los Angeles County Museum (1979–89), and designed numerous interesting buildings (e.g. his own house and studio, Albuquerque, NM (1980–3), Joe and Etsuko Price House, Corona del Mar, CA (1983–90), Prince House, Albuquerque (1985–8), Mead/ Penhall Residence, Albuquerque (1992–3), the Hight House, Mendocino County, CA (1994–5), the Sziklai House, Carefree, AZ (1996–7), and Skilken House, Columbus, OH (1996–7).


Jodidio (1993, 1996, 1997)