Prince of the City

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Prince of the City ★★★ 1981 (R)

Docudrama of a police officer who becomes an informant in an effort to end corruption within his narcotics unit, but finds he must pay a heavy price. Based on the true story told in Robert Daly's book, the powerful script carries the tension through what would otherwise be an overly long film. Excellent performances make this a riveting character study. 167m/C VHS, DVD . Treat Williams, Jerry Orbach, Richard Foronjy, Don Billett, Ken Marino, Lindsay Crouse, Lance Henriksen; D: Sidney Lumet; W: Jay Presson Allen, Sidney Lumet; C: Andrzej Bartkowiak. N.Y. Film Critics '81: Director (Lumet).

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Prince of the City

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