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brothel •Ethel • lethal • brothel • betrothal •Cavell, cavil, gavel, gravel, ravel, travel •Havel, larval, marvel, Marvell, rondavel •bedevil, bevel, devil, dishevel, kevel, level, revel, split-level •daredevil • she-devil • eye level •naval, navel •coeval, evil, Khedival, medieval, primeval, retrieval, shrieval, upheaval •civil, drivel, shrivel, snivel, swivel •carnival • Percival • perspectival •festival • aestival (US estival) •adjectival, arrival, deprival, genitival, imperatival, infinitival, outrival, relatival, revival, rival, substantival, survival •archival •grovel, hovel, novel •oval •approval, removal •Lovell, shovel •interval • serval • narwhal •coequal, equal, prequel, sequel •bilingual, lingual, monolingual, multilingual •rorqual • Hywel •Daniel, spaniel

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broth·el / ˈbrä[unvoicedth]əl; ˈbrô[unvoicedth]əl/ • n. a house where men can visit prostitutes.

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brothel †worthless fellow XIV; †prostitute XV; bawdy-house XVI. ME. bropel, f. OE. ābroðen gone to ruin, pp. of brēoðan deteriorate, degenerate, of unkn. orig. In the present sense, short for †brothel-house, etc., by assoc. with earlier †bordel (- (O)F.), which it superseded.

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