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bolsteraorta, daughter, exhorter, exporter, extorter, Horta, importer, mortar, porter, quarter, slaughter, snorter, sorter, sporter, supporter, three-quarter, torte, transporter, underwater, water •altar, alter, assaulter, defaulter, falter, Gibraltar, halter, Malta, palter, psalter, salter, vaulter, Walter •flaunter, haunter, saunter, taunter, vaunter •exhauster, Forster •fraudster • granddaughter •stepdaughter • manslaughter •ripsnorter • pole-vaulter • backwater •headquarter • freshwater •breakwater • rainwater • seawater •dishwater • tidewater • Whitewater •saltwater • rosewater • shearwater •firewater •doubter, grouter, outer, pouter, scouter, shouter, spouter, touter •counter, encounter, mounter •jouster, ouster •revcounter •bloater, boater, Botha, Dakota, doter, emoter, floater, gloater, iota, Kota, Minnesota, motor, promoter, quota, rota, rotor, scoter, voter •bolter, coulter (US colter), Volta •boaster, coaster, poster, roaster, toaster •roadster • oldster •bolster, holster, pollster, soulster, upholster •billposter

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1. Baluster-side.

2. Bellied profile of a pulvinated frieze.

3. Bolster-, cushion-, or pillow-work refers to rusticated masonry, each course of which is bowed out, as in Roman aqueduct-piers.

4. Timber corbel or plate supporting a truss, etc.

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bol·ster / ˈbōlstər/ • n. (also bolster pillow) a long, thick pillow that is placed under other pillows for support. ∎  a part of a vehicle or tool providing structural support. • v. [tr.] support or strengthen; prop up: the fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence he wished to bolster up his theories with hard data. ∎  provide (a seat) with padded support: [as adj.] (bolstered) I snuggled down into the heavily bolstered seat.

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bolster OE. bolster pillow, cushion = (M)Du. bolster, OHG. bolstar (G. polster), ON. bolstr :- Gmc. *bolstraz. perh. for *bolχstraz, f. *belʒ- swell (Cf. BELLY).
Hence bolster vb. (chiefly fig.) prop up XVI.

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