Sierra O'Reilly, Justo (1814–1861)

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Sierra O'Reilly, Justo (1814–1861)

Justo Sierra O'Reilly (b. 24 September 1814; d. 15 January 1861); Yucatecan jurist, journalist, novelist, and historian. The illegitimate son of a parish priest, Sierra grew up in Mérida and was educated first at the local seminary. Later he studied law in Mexico City (1838). After graduation he returned to Yucatán and practiced as a lawyer before turning to politics (serving as judge, ambassador, and congressman) and literary pursuits. He founded newspapers and wrote books on history and literature. He also composed fiction, his most famous novel probably being La hija del judío (The Jew's Daughter), a romance. He is the author of the Mexican republic's civil code (1860) and the father of Justo Sierra Méndez (1847–1912).

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Sierra O'Reilly, Justo (1814–1861)

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