Plan of San Luis Potosí

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Plan of San Luis Potosí

Plan of San Luis Potosí, manifesto by Francisco Madero (6 October 1910) which launched the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Having escaped from prison in the city of San Luis Potosí in early October, Madero wrote and sent out the manifesto from the United States in the days following. It marked the end of Madero's three-year anti-reelectionist movement either to replace the dictatorial regime of Porfirio Díaz through elections or to force concessions. His call to arms nullified the 1910 federal elections, confirmed him as provisional president, reinstituted no reelection, and promised the return of lands illegally taken by the government and courts under Díaz.

See alsoMadero, Francisco Indalecio; Mexico, Wars and Revolutions: Mexican Revolution.


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