Plan Inca

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Plan Inca

Plan Inca, a secret blueprint of nationalist reforms and measures supposedly authored by the Peruvian general Juan Velasco Alvarado before the military coup of 1968 that ousted president Fernando Belaúnde Terry from office. The plan was made public and published only in 1974, when the military government decided to nationalize the remaining independent press organizations, allegedly as part of the Plan Inca. The plan consisted of thirty-one sections stating the objectives of a revolution whose goal was a modern and more just society. The measures included a series of nationalizations and reforms such as the agrarian reform that had been initiated before 1974. In 1977, during the so-called second phase of the revolution, the Plan Inca was superseded by the Plan Túpac Amaru.

See alsoBelaúnde Terry, Fernando; Túpac Amaru; Velasco Alvarado, Juan.


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