Plan B

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Plan B ★★½ 1997

Comedy, set between Halloween and New Year's Eve, about a group of 30-ish friends who realize their lives aren't going the way they'd planned. Waiter Stuart (Cryer) despairs of being a serious writer and has instead penned a lurid serial killer novel; aspiring actor Ricky (Matheison) freaks about growing older; Gina (Mornell) is successful in business but unlucky in love; while Gina's older sister Clare (Darr) is happily married to Jack (Guest) but fretting over not being a mother yet. It's pretty familiar but not a complete waste of time, thanks to the appealing cast. 102m/C VHS . Jon Cryer, Mark Matheison, Sara Mornell, Lisa Darr, Lance Guest; D: Gary Leva; W: Gary Leva; C: Yoram Astrakhan; M: Andrew Rose.