Morales, Francisco Tomás (1781–1845)

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Morales, Francisco Tomás (1781–1845)

Francisco Tomás Morales (b. 20 December 1781; d. 5 October 1845), officer in the Spanish army during the War for Independence. The proprietor of a tavern in the town of Piritu, Venezuela, Morales joined the royalist ranks under the command of José Tomás Boves in 1813. On Boves's death he proclaimed himself commander of the royalist forces, joined the troops of Pablo Morillo, and accompanied him in operations into New Granada. Morales later participated as troop commander in various campaigns against the republican forces. He was commander of the Spanish offensive against Venezuela after the republican victory at Carabobo in 1821. Meeting with no success, he returned to Spain after being defeated in the naval battle of Maracaibo in 1823. On his return to Spain, he was appointed commander in chief of the Canary Islands and subsequently president of the royal audiencia in 1827.

See alsoBoves, José Tomás; Morillo, Pablo.


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Morales, Francisco Tomás (1781–1845)

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