Morales, Melesio (1838–1908)

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Morales, Melesio (1838–1908)

Melesio Morales (b. 4 December 1838; d. 12 May 1908), Mexican composer. Morales was born in Mexico City and began his studies with Felipe Larios, Agustín Caballero, Antonio Valle, and Cenobio Paniagua. He began composing operas to Italian libretti while in his teens; his first, Romeo e Giulietta, was premiered in 1863 by an Italian company. His second opera, Ildegonda (1865), was produced under the sponsorship of Emperor Maximilian. Morales spent three very successful years in Italy composing and attending performances of his operas. Upon his return, he established his own opera department "alla Napolitana" at the National Conservatory in Mexico City, training many of the composers of the next generation. Morales was the first to conduct Beethoven's symphonies in Mexico. He himself wrote a symphonic fantasy entitled La locomotora, celebrating the inauguration of the Puebla railroad service (November 1869). Most of his works were published in Italy. He died in Mexico City.

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