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mor·al·ize / ˈmôrəˌlīz; ˈmär-/ • v. [intr.] [often as n.] (moralizing) comment on issues of right and wrong, typically with an unfounded air of superiority: the self-righteous moralizing of his aunt was ringing in his ears. ∎  [tr.] interpret or explain as giving lessons on good and bad character and conduct: mythographers normally moralize Narcissus as the man who wastes himself in pursuing worldly goods. ∎  [tr.] reform the character and conduct of: he endeavored to moralize an immoral society.DERIVATIVES: mor·al·i·za·tion / ˌmôrələˈzāshən; ˌmär-/ n.mor·al·iz·er n.mor·al·iz·ing·ly adv.