Morales Carrión, Arturo (1913–1989)

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Morales Carrión, Arturo (1913–1989)

Arturo Morales Carrión (b. 16 November 1913; d. 24 June 1989), Puerto Rican historian, teacher, diplomat. Morales Carrión was born in Cuba and came to Puerto Rico as a child. Trained in political science and in the history of Latin America at the universities of Puerto Rico, Texas (Austin), and Columbia, he excelled in various fields. He taught both in Puerto Rico and the United States and also served both governments. In the 1950s, Morales Carrión was Puerto Rico's undersecretary of state, and in 1961 President John F. Kennedy named him deputy assistant secretary for Inter-American Affairs. He wrote various books on Puerto Rico, most of which are considered classics and are still in use in Puerto Rico and the United States. He died in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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Morales Carrión, Arturo (1913–1989)

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