Marcha de los Cuatro Suyos

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Marcha de los Cuatro Suyos

The Marcha de los Cuatro Suyos (Rally of the Four Suyos) was a series of rallies that took place on July 26-28, 2000, in Peru. Convoked to protest the second reelection of President Alberto Fujimori (1990–2000), they gathered tens of thousands of people. The reference to "four suyos"—administrative units of the ancient Inca Empire—was meant to convey the entire nation's rejection of this reelection. The last day of the rallies saw significant violence that resulted in loss of property and life when six guards of the Banco de la Nación (Bank of the Nation) in downtown Lima were trapped in a fire and died. The Fujimori regime blamed the organizers for the fire, but the organizers accused the security forces of setting it.

See alsoFujimori, Alberto Keinya .

                                        Julio Carrion

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