Marchant, Jacques

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Pastoral theologian; b. Couvin, Namur, c. 1585; d. there, 1648. After his ordination he taught theology in the Abbeys of Floreffe and Lobbes and became pastor in his native village in 1616 and administrator of the Canton of Chimay in 1630. His writings in pastoral theology were highly esteemed, especially his Hortus pastorum sacrae doctrinae (3 v. Mons 162627), which adapted theology to the teaching of the catechism, to preaching, and to the confessional. He added a treatise on the Sacraments. Several other works of this type had numerous editions, and a 13-volume edition of his works was published in a French translation (ed. Vivès, Paris 186567).

Bibliography: Biographie nationale de Belgique 13:447450. h. hurter, Nomenclator literarius theologiae catholicae 3.1204.

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Marchant, Jacques

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