Fahd Plan (1981)

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FAHD PLAN (1981)

ArabIsrael peace plan proposed by Crown Prince Fahd in 1981.

Because the Camp David Accords had failed to address several central issues of the ArabIsrael conflict, Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia unveiled an eight-point peace proposal on 7 August 1981. The plan called for Israel's withdrawal from Arab territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem, and the dismantling of Israel's settlements in those territories; guarantees of freedom of worship for all in the holy places; the Palestinian people's right to self-determination; indemnity for Palestinian refugees not exercising the right of return; West Bank and Gaza placed under UN control for a transitional period (a few months), leading to an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital; subsequent Security Council guarantee of peace among all states in the area, including the new Palestinian state; and the Security Council guarantee of the above principles. The plan was adopted in a modified form, at the Arab summit in Fez, Morocco, on 9 September 1982, and remained the Arab position until the Madrid conference in 1991.

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