Alfaro, Ricardo Joaquín (1882–1971)

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Alfaro, Ricardo Joaquín (1882–1971)

Ricardo Joaquín Alfaro (b. 20 August 1882; d. 23 February 1971), a Panamanian statesman who served as minister to the United States (1922–1930; 1933–1936), foreign minister (1946), and provisional president (1931–1932). A tireless advocate of Panamanian rights in the Canal Zone, Alfaro negotiated the Hull-Alfaro Treaty (1936) and served as an adviser during the treaty negotiations with the United States in 1947. He also protested the continued U.S. occupation of defense sites after World War II until the U.S. withdrawal in 1948. Alfaro presided over the 1932 presidential campaign with fairness and honesty, a rarity in Panamanian politics. Subsequently, he served as a member of the International Court of Justice at The Hague (1959–1964).

See alsoHull-Alfaro Treaty (1936) .


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